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2005 (The Beginning):
When WWEML started, the first champion was Triple H. He defended the title against the likes of The Undertaker and The Rock. Triple H was eventually beaten by Randy Orton.
Ortons reign on terror started with a WWEML Championship fued with Terry Funk and Shawn Michaels. Ortons most memorable match during his run was his title defence against Shawn Michaels in a Steel Cage Match at Doomsday 2005.
Elsewhere, Rob Van Dam battled Shane Mcmahon in a fued for the Intercontinental Championship, and The Undertakers intense fued with Goldberg was highlighted by a Casket match at Freedomania.

2006 (The jump to Major League):
Easily WWEML's most sucsessful year. Orton took his WWEML Championship with him into 2006, Fueding with former Champion Triple H, a fued which saw their epic match at Extacy, Where Brock Lesnar debuted as Randy Ortons bodyguard, under the managerial services of Paul Heyman.
Full Force saw Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar team up against Triple H and Shawn Michaels, where Samoa Joe debuted, making the match a 'No Contest'.
Lesnar quickly rose through the ranks in WWEML, after earning number one contendership at MidYear Massacre, he turned on best friend Randy Orton, as did Paul Heyman, and Lesnar took the WWEML Title from Orton in a one sided assault at Destiny Day.
Brock defended the gold against Hulk Hogan at Night of Legends and Triple H at the Freedomania Main Event. Randy Orton made his return from injury at World War 3, winning back the WWEML championship from Lesnar in a thrilling No DQ match.
Randy Ortons 2nd WWEML title run didnt last long however, at 2 The Death Shawn Michaels won the championship from Orton. He then went on to defend it against The Rock throughout late 2006.
Elsewhere in 2006, CM Punk made his debut at eXtacy against Carlito, and went on to win the Intercontinental Championship from Rob Van Dam after RVD had a blistering fued with both Kurt Angle (see Full Force) and Shelton Benjamin, producing some of WWEML's finest ever matches. CM Punk ended the year on a low, after suffering a serious injury.
Eddie Guerrero defended his place as WWEML Commishioner in a heated personal fued with Shawn Michaels. Both their match at Night of Legends and their match at the 1 year Anniversary show were MOTY canditates.
Samoa Joe found himself in a brutal fued with Triple H also, after a Violent match to end their dispute, Triple H wasnt seen again for a long time.
Also in 2006, Vader and The Big Show dominated the Tag Team scene, their most notibal fued was with RWF's One Man Gang and Earthquake, who won the WWEML tag titles off Paul Heymans giants at Night of Legends.
At the end of the year, WWEML won a interpromotional tag match with BAoW at the split fed show 'The Black Parade'.
WWEML Won the Wrestlingfigs.com 'Pic fed of the year' Award in December.

2007 (The New Blood Movement):
The first PPV of the year saw Shawn Michaels defend the WWEML Title in a cage match against The Rock, Only for CM Punk to return and win the championship from HBK in a controversial inprontune match. Eddie Guerrero was later quoted to have made the match and the title change official. This sparked an uproar from the WWEML superstars, so Eddie brought in Jeff Jarrett and Lashley to protect the WWEML Champion.. They call themselves the 'New Blood',
Punks reign of terror began at Extacy 2007 when he defended the championship against Shawn Michaels, with the help of Eddie Guerrero once again. He held the title for the remainder of the year.
Samoa Joe joined the hunt to take down the New Blood and engaged in a electric fued with CM Punk towards the end of the year, but not before he proved his worth as a singles championship challenger by defeating Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship at Burn It Down. Joe also defended the title against Taz at eXtacy 2007.
Tag team 'TNA' rose to WWEML fame in 2007, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels enjoyed a run as WWEMLs top tag team, before Edge and former TNA member Christian crossed their paths. This then started their controversial and violent fued which ended with a TLC match for the Tag Team Championships at eXtacy 2007, which TNA won honourably, putting their Canadian enemies in their place.
Raven, WWEML's top hardcore wrestler since 2005, crossed paths with Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer won the Hardcore Championship from Raven at eXtacy in a BRUTAL hardcore match that the referee stopped through blood loss. Things looked to be over for the WWEML Legend..
Randy Orton got involved with the Anti-New Blood movement by focusing on his war with Jeff Jarrett. Orton and Jeff's fued turned ugly with their match at eXtacy. At the end of the year, Rob Van Dam returned as a shock member of the New Blood, and CM Punk cost Samoa Joe his Intercontinental Championship in a match with Jack Evans.
All year Chris Benoit and Charlie Haas had been fueding. Charlie Haas signed for WWEML from BAoW and Chris Benoit always shuned upon him for bringing his BAoW reputation with him and trying to live off it. Theyre fued eventually ended in 2008 with Chris Benoit defeating Haas at Full Force.

2008 (The Finale):
In 2008, CM Punk lost the WWEML Championship in a 4vs4 New Blood vs Originals Free for all match to Samoa Joe at Full Force. Other wrestlers in the match included Jeff Jarrett, Lashley and Rob Van Dam for Team New Blood, and Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels for the Originals. Joe's title win ensured Team WWEML a win, and the New Blood had no other choice but to disperse WWEML for good. Eddie Guerrero lost power, and the New Blood were banished.
Samoa Joe later defended the WWEML title against CM Punk at the final WWEML PPV, The Final Chapter. The win meant Samoa Joe was the last ever WWEML Champion.
Elsewhere, Jack Evans kept the Intercontinental title until The Final Chapter, when Shelton Benjamin defeated him for the gold. After this, Rob Van Dam challenged Shelton to what ended up as one of WWEML's finest matches,and Van Dam left WWEML as the last ever Intercontinental Champion.
Raven finally defeated Tommy Dreamer at The Final Chapter also, winning a Fatal 4 way (also involving Sabu and The Sandman) to win back the championship he made famous.. The Hardcore Championship.
Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels put on a fantastic match at the last ever WWEML show also, Orton won after countering HBK's 20ft suicide dive and hitting the RKO.
A post match attack on both superstars by Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko provoked the return of Triple H to WWEML. Triple H cleared house and then celebrated with Orton and Michaels.
Other superstars to return at the last ever show included The Rock and The Undertaker, who battled in an epic match which ended with The Undertaker getting the win.
Also, Vader and The Big Show reunited, after dominating the tag team scene in 2006 they returned to face WWEML Tag Champions TNA. AJ and Daniels managed to defeat the 2 giants and leave WWEML as the last ever Tag Team Champions.
Hulk Hogan also returned to earn a revenge victory over Brock Lesnar in a rematch from their Night of Legends 2006 match.
WWEMLs last ever match was Samoa Joe and CM Punks WWEML Championship match at The Final Chapter 2008.

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